Offensive Cyber Security Done Differently.

Ethical penetration tests and red team assessments + year-round support for your internal defenders.
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We believe

Security testing does not end with a report on your desk.

We take a long-term approach to security and partner with our clients for 12 months to ensure their security posture improves.

We Perform

Offensive Security Assesments and Training.

Red Team Assessments

Designed to emulate a real-world attack, FortyNorth red team operators will attempt to breach your network perimeter and then use stealth to navigate within your network to achieve the mutually agreed-upon objectives. Red team assessments are best for organizations with a mature security program to test their defenses and incident response procedures.

Penetration Tests

An external penetration test attempts to enumerate and then exploit vulnerabilities on your external IT infrastructure and exposed network services. An internal penetration test attempts to enumerate and then exploit vulnerabilities on your internal network. Our clients use penetration testing to validate existing investments in hardening their IT infrastucture and to understand what an attacker could do if they were to compromise a particular service.

Red Team Training

During our public (BlackHat, 44Con, BSides Augusta, etc) and private corporate trainings, we share our entire playbook with your team. Learn how to conduct network intrusion operations from from our red team leads and operators. We cover topics ranging from AV and EDR evasion to advanced persistence and lateral movement techniques.

The Difference

We don't abandon you

We hate when security testers abandon their clients after one report. We partner with our clients year-round.

Support after the report

Internal Playbook Access

Some of the best offensive security tactics sit in private code repositories. Not anymore. We open our entire internal playbook to our clients, so that you can learn from us after our assessments.

Sample internal tactic
Threat Tactic Briefings

Offensive security evolves rapidly. Once a quarter, our red team operators deliver a hands-on briefing of the newest tactics, tools and procedures (TTP) we're seeing and using on assessments.

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Blue Team Workshops

Throughout the year, we hold blue team focused workshops to teach your defenders how to operate like an attacker and then defend against them.

Simple Remediation Checks

After you receive our report, you'll likely have a few spots to harden. Once you do so, if you need a quick check from our team, just let us know.

Expert Network Access

Offensive security is a small community. We open our network of offensive security experts to help answer any questions that pop up throughout the year.

Have Another Idea?

We partner closely with our clients. If there's something else that will improve their security, we're all ears.

Red Team Training

Hands-on advanced intrusion operations

We're an open book. We share everything with our students. Learn cutting edge red-team tactics in a lab-heavy learning environment. Recommended for intermediate skill-sets.

Course Outline

Day 1

Modern C2

Domain Fronting, FaaS redirection, Mod_Rewrite

C2 Malleable Profiles (part I)

Changing network indicators of compromise


DNS Research, subdomain enumeration and email harvesting

Day 2


Scenario development, writing phishing malware

AV / EDR Evasion

Understand AV/EDR, then bypass it

C2 Malleable Profiles (part II)

Changing in-memory and process indicators of compromise

Day 3

Initial Access, Internal Recon, Lateral Movement

Honestly this is a massive braindump of awesome tactics


Beginner methods (like registry keys) to cutting-edge methods (like WMI)

Application Whitelisting

10+ methods to bypass Application Whitelisting

Day 4

Aggressor Scripting

Operate more efficiently with scripting

Attacking the Cloud

Attacking AWS and Azure

Finalizing the Report

Writing a professional report

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Upcoming Public Trainings

May 19-20, 2023

Initial Access Operations

Aug 5-8, 2023

Intrusion Operations

Our Team

Chris Truncer

CEO & Red Team Lead

Jared Blatt

President & COO

Joe Leon

Offensive Security Engineer

Open Source Tools

Every year our team spends 10% of their time contributing to the development of open source tools for the offensive security community. Here are some of our projects:

Veil Framework

Veil is a tool designed to generate metasploit payloads that bypass common anti-virus solutions.


EyeWitness is designed to take screenshots of websites provide some server header info, and identify default credentials if known.


WMImplant is a PowerShell based tool that leverages WMI to both perform actions against targeted machines, but also as the C2 channel for issuing commands and receiving results.


Egress-Assess is a tool used to test egress data detection capabilities. Supports testing data egress over HTTP(S), FTP, SMB, ICMP and more.

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